Jens Rasmussen (1926‑2018)

The Work of Jens Rasmussen

The work of Jens Rasmussen represents some of the most influential contributions to the field of safety science, human error and accident research over the course of the last half century. His work has influenced researchers and practitioners in a number of fields including psychology, engineering, sociology and human factors.
In more recent years, a large amount of research has been inspired by theo­retical and practical aspects of Rasmussen’s work including his models of the boundaries of safe operation and performance and methods such as Cognitive Work Analysis and graphical support for accident investigation.
Jens Rasmussen is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, “for contributions to the science and engineering of human error and reliability, and for the modeling of human behaviour”. See also a recent Special Issue of Applied Ergonomics on the Legacy of Jens Rasmussen
18 JULY 2024