48th Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists
12th International Symposium on Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management

July 31-August 3, 2017

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 THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 2017 Session R3 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

 Symposium E1 Rasmussen Revisited 1           

  • Human Factors, Accidents and Error    - Patrick Waterson
  • Rasmussen vs. the Rest (Patrick Waterson)

  • Assessing Task Complexity by Use of Rasmussen’s Decision Ladder: Model and Its Application to Recovery from Healthcare Adverse Event (Kenji Itoh, Noriyuki Yamamoto, Henning Boje Andersen)

  • Prototype to Final Product: A Contributing Factor Classification Scheme to Support the Application of Rasmussen’s AcciMap Method (Natassia Goode, Paul M. Salmon, Natalie Z. Taylor, Michael G. Lenne, Caoline F. Finch)

  • More Converts into Rasmussen? Impact of a Story-Based Animation on Systems Safety (Gyuchan Thomas Jun, Rui Liu)

 Symposium E2 Rasmussen Revisited 2

  • Human Factors, Accidents and Error - Patrick Waterson
  • Beyond the Interface: Using EID to Design Rail Level Crossing Environments (Gemma J.M Read, Neville A. Stanton, Guy H. Walker, Michael G. Lenne, Christine M. Mulvihill, Nicholas Stevens, Paul M. Salmon)

  • Is the AcciMap Method an Effective Approach for Analyzing Clinical Incidents in the National Health Service, Scotland? (Oseghale Igene, Christopher Johnson, Yinuo Liu, Jenny Long)

  • Taxonomies of Human Error and Task Conditions Foundations and Use Andersen Henning Boje, Kenji Itoh)

  • Comparison of HFACS and AcciMap Methods on a Health IT-Related Medication Dosing Error Case Study (Oseghale Igene)

 Symposium E3 Rasmussen Revisited 3

  • Human Factors, Accidents and Error - Patrick Waterson
  • The Obliquity Strategy as a Means of Overcoming the “Drift to Unsafe States” Effect (Patrick Neumann)

  • Systemic Factors in The Investigation of Railway Occurrences in South Africa (Jessica Hutchings)

  • PLENARY DISCUSSION: Rasmussen Revisited - Human Factors, Accidents and Error ACE Corporate